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Parker-B an Autonomous Parallel Parking Robot

A capstone robotics project from college. Demonstrates autonomous parallel parking. C++ Running OpenCV on a laptop + some embedded C code running on an AVR chip on the bot. The camera feed is fed through wifi and the microprocessor talks to the laptop software via bluetooth.


GiftMe - Let us pick out gifts for your friends and family

The front end uses BackBone and the back end is exposed through a RESTful api (implemented with ASP.NET WebAPI) which wraps facebook apis and does gift suggestion hueristics to provide results to the user. There is also a background processor that will preprocess your friends suggestions so that results come back faster to the front end.


Login Screen

 Search Friends



Results featuring new movie release suggestions based on already liked movies or actors. In this case the user's friend likes Russel Crowe, so GiftMe suggests his latest unreleased movie.




Location based event suggestions. In this case the friend is suggested a Switchfoot concert near the friends current city. Products area also suggested based on likes and interests.

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GiftMe For Windows 8.1

This is a GiftMe client application running as a Javascript/HTML5 app for Windows 8.1 written in typescript. The application took only about 3 days to initially develop and submit to the store. You can find the source code here: