Steven Edouard

Developer Advocate. Tech Enthusiast. Life Enthusiast.


About Me



Who am I? 

Hey there! I'm Steven! I like to hack, chat and create really cool things. I hope you do to. Professionally I'm a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft but I love to learn about new and emerging technologies on any platform.

When I'm not coding, or helping developers with our platform, I'm busy trying to find the best bite to eat in town, a solid hike or mountain to ski.


From Product Development to Developer Evangelism 


I started out at Microsoft on the .NET Runtime team as a SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) doing test validations for various .NET features like debugging, type inspection, source line mappings etc. Being in Microsoft in Redmond has given me some strong technical understanding of various Microsoft technologies but one of the things I always had missed was exposing myself to the communities that use our products. That's why now I'm a Developer Evangelist, an advocate for you, the developer, to leverage the Microsoft platform for whatever your needs are. I'm based in the San Francisco Bay area and would love to hear from you. I'm here to make your life easier.

You can follow my blog posts as I make the adjustment from being inside Microsoft HQ on a product development team to the front lines as a Developer Evangelist.


So kick off your shoes, make yourself at home feel free to peruse through the posts.